Competition and comparisons create choices.
We welcome both as we help you make your DIY choice an EZ1

EZ1 Stencils®
 the only choice for DIY customers in search of:

Ease Of Use —  Can’t get any easier than one piece and mere minutes to maximize its use  
Reuse GUARANTEE — So durable we could still use our original stencils from 2 decades ago 
Multi-purpose Uses — Outdoors on playgrounds or INDOORS  in gym or as classroom learning tool
Less Mess Process —  NO paint build-up on stencils = fast, efficient use and prompt reuse
 Simple Storage — Less mess also means less clutter – rolled or folded – our largest …
– Saves money with multiple uses + saves valuable time & number of “volunteers needed”

The only GUARANTEED reusable one piece stencil on the market!